• 8:16am

    "So, they decided this bomb would not just kill — it would do something biblical: One bomb, from one plane, would wipe a city off the map. It would be horrible. But they wanted it to be horrible, to end the war and to try to stop the future use of nuclear bombs.

    They chose Hiroshima." - Geoff Brumfiel Link to article here 

    What were you doing at 8:00am this morning? At 8:00am I was hugging my son. He likes to kiss and hug European style. He says, "other side Papa" our heads dancing back and forth. I told him that I'd see him after lunch and that I loved him. At 8:00am I walked out the front door of his school towards my car in the parking lot. 

    It was 8:00am in Hiroshima. August 6, 1945. Families like mine were likely doing the exact same thing. It was a Monday, routines were being resumed. 

    But 8:16am came. 8:16am a flash. 8:16am 80,000 people disappeared. 80,000 people with stories like yours and mine. 80,000 innocent people. 80,000. 8:16am, Monday August 6, 1945. 

    Guess what. Someone wanted it this way. Actually the leadership of an entire country wanted it this way. They wanted it to be horrible. They said it needed to be horrible. And so it was. 

    Why? Well, enough human life needs to be taken to end a war, I guess. I guess 80,000 stories, 80,000 families are required to send a message. 

    Lord. HAVE. MERCY. Please. 

    This is the story we have been fed forever. Sacrifice is required. We need blood for blood. We need blood for change. The only way is the killing of innocents for the saving of innocents. It's the way it is, they say. It's unfortunate, but that's how the world works, they say.

    We sacrifice our own in the streets.

    "Don't Shoot."

    "I can't breathe" 

    "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do." 

    What if the story is wrong? What if we imagining another way seems impossible only because we haven't really given it a chance. What if we stop saying, "Oh listen to the dreamer! So out of touch, too far gone"?  

    As a follower of Jesus I believe that another world is possible. That is my call to make it a reality. It is a world that looks so god damn funny. So impossible and ridiculous. It is a world that that says, "Go ahead, sacrifice my Jesus. Go ahead oh President, oh King...Go ahead, but watch that tomb there, watch for the rolled away stone, look for your scapegoat...HE ISN'T THERE!" 

    I believe in resurrection. I believe not in death, but life. This is biblical. 

    What if the line, "it would do something biblical" didn't need to be attached to the killing of 80,000 people?" What if "it would do something biblical" was a story of impossible life through death. Let's do something biblical, let's point to the empty tomb. Let's do something biblical, let us practice ressurrection.